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Some Good News!

KNBN NBC TV interviewed Betty Richards at Westhills today and will feature how Westhills is staying positive and encouraging during COVID!
Betty was the point person to help with organizing a group of dynamic residents who rallied together and sewed almost 700 face masks!! WOW!
The interview will air tonight on KNBN NBC TV at 5:30pm.
We are all doing well at Westhills and we have been trying to focus on all the positives and uplifting things that are happening!
Westhills wants the greater Rapid City community to know that Westhills is focusing on the positives! We want to spread the word how we are all helping each other and encouraging each other!
For example, many of our residents are volunteering to help in so many ways – they are helping wipe down and sanitize all hand rails and high touch areas, they are delivering meals to residents isolating in their apartments, we even had one of our residents buy a pizza lunch for all the employees!!
Also, we had our Health Care residents and staff cut out Hearts and display them in our windows as this viral campaign of “Spread the Love, Not the Virus” is happening everywhere.
Also, we have a very generous group a residents that have taken to sewing in a whole new way – “they put the pedal – of the sewing machine – to the Medal!” They call themselves the “Rosies” (After Rosie the Riveter!) and have made up to 700 Face Masks  We got the pattern from Avera Monument Health so all of them are the same with a “filtering flannel” and hair bands for ear loops. They are very working hard to supply masks for all the staff and now residents too.