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Congratulations to Savannah Gary

August 2020 Millie E. Olson Award Recipient

(SIOUX FALLS, SD AUGUST 3, 2020) If you are looking for Savannah Gary, you should keep an eye out for the person who is crouched down at eye level with a resident, patiently asking “What is the matter?” or “How can I help you?” Savannah’s dedication to connecting with residents makes her an exceptional staff member at Westhills Village, and the August 2020 Millie E. Olson Award recipient! Savannah began her employment with Westhills Village in May 2014 in dining services, and then became a Certified Nursing Assistant in June 2016. It was easy to see the potential in Savannah as she eagerly would step up and ask ‘what’s next?’ But Savannah is not only a dedicated team player. She is also a kindhearted person who thrives in the health care world. She truly cares about the residents and the families of each resident. Savannah challenged herself again and became a Medication Aide in May 2017. Savannah was accepted to the Level 2 program at Westhills Village and she is now a trainer to new employees. She sets the example, and creates a calming environment on her shifts. But she isn’t done saying “What’s next?” yet. Savannah has begun her educational path to become a nurse. Savannah is an important part of the team at Westhills Village, and her work ethic, compassion, and attitude have an enormous impact on her residents each day. Congratulations Savannah, you are a very deserving Millie E. Olson Award recipient! The Millie E. Olson Award was created by the South Dakota Health Care Association (SDHCA) and named after its first recipient, Mildred E. Olson of Garretson, who was an exceptional caregiver. This award is open to staff of any SDHCA member center. Each month’s recipient of the Millie E. Olson Award becomes eligible for the Millie E. Olson Award of the Year, which is announced each September at an awards ceremony during SDHCA’s Fall Convention.

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