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Westhills Village Celebrating 40 Years

When is the Right Time?

How do you know when it's time to plan for your

Clients often ask the question of when is the right time is to join our deferred waiting list. Our advice is always that if Westhills Village is even a possibility at any point in the future, there is no such thing as joining too soon. For one deposit, you can join the waiting list for multiple sizes and types of units. If your name comes up and you aren’t ready to make the move, you can decline without losing your place on the list. The deposit is also 100% refundable at any time if you change your mind.
“We currently have a waiting list on all apartments, Villas and Cottages. In addition, future residents may have special preferences when it comes to location. Joining the waiting list early helps to give you the most opportunities to find the perfect Apartment or Villa.
Be sure to come and tour Westhills. We have so many wonderful amenities, such as our swimming pool, fitness center, theater and game room, to name a few. Retirement living has never been better at Westhills Village and we would be delighted to show you around. Also, as a member of our deferred waiting list, you are granted full access to our wellness facilities, programs and activities.
If you don’t know where to begin to think about retirement, we invite you to come and begin the conversation with us. We realize you have a choice in retirement living and we would love to be part of your planning process.