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Westhills Village Celebrating 40 Years

Therapy Services
at Westhills

Specialized, individual therapy programs for
individual needs.

Therapy Services at Westhills Village

Westhills Village provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy to residents and community clients. Our professional therapy staff has special expertise in providing an extension of our continuum of care by offering a transition from Independent Living, Home Care, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Acute Care.

Physical Therapy

Maintaining mobility and physical health is crucial for a fulfilling retirement. Our licensed physical therapists work closely with patients to develop personalized plans to improve physical health and enhance overall strength. Whether recovering from surgery or managing a chronic condition, our physical therapy services are designed to promote independence and well-being.

Occupational Therapy

We understand the importance of maintaining daily activities and independence. Our occupational therapy services focus on helping patients regain and enhance the skills needed for everyday life. Our therapists work collaboratively to ensure those they care for can engage in meaningful activities and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

Speech Therapy

Communication is key to maintaining connections and enjoying life to the fullest. Our speech therapists address communication difficulties, ensuring our residents and community clients can express themselves effectively and safely. Whether recovering from a stroke or other medical condition or managing age-related speech challenges, our therapists are here to support improved communication skills.


Our main focus is rehabilitation to get you back to your highest level of independence in the comfort of your usual surroundings. All of our therapy services are conveniently located on site.
I came with a broken body and my mind was broken and my spirit was broken, but through therapy, I left here whole.

Outpatient Therapies

Maybe you aren’t getting around like you used to, or perhaps you want to improve your strength and balance. Whatever the case, therapy may be the answer! Our therapy staff offers free assessments to determine if therapy can get you back on track.
We specialize in creating individualized therapy programs to meet the individual needs of each client.

For more information about our therapy services, please call 605-342-0255.