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Westhills Village Celebrating 40 Years

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Our Monthly Newsletter of Life Enriching Tips!

Happy 23rd Birthday Dr. Bareis!

Join us in celebrating our Leap Year Resident’s Birthday

  1. Name: Reuben Julian August Bareis
  2. Where were you born?: A Hospital! 🙂 in Great Bend, KS
  3. What countries of heritage do you have?: German, Swiss & French
  4. What is your favorite color?: Blue
  5. What was your favorite decade?: 50’s, He got married and also moved to Rapid City
  6. Who is your favorite hobby?: Vocal Music
  7. What is your favorite film?: Steamboat Round the Bend
  8. Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?: England and Scotland
  9. What’s your favorite breakfast food?: Raisin Bran Cereal
  10. What’s your favorite spot in the Black Hills?: His room at Westhills Village. As he said, “It’s my world!”
  11. Who was your favorite President?: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)
  12. What’s your favorite animal?: He doesn’t have one because he is allergic to most animals
  13. What invention that has happened in your lifetime do you most appreciate?: Television or Computer
  14. What was your favorite car?: Chevrolet
  15. Who is your favorite visual artist?: Impressionist French Painting
  16. What is your favorite sport to watch?: Baseball – The St Louis Cardinals
  17. What is your favorite type of music to listen to?: Jazz and Choir Music
  18. What’s your favorite dinner meal?: Spaghetti
  19. What’s your favorite season?: Fall
  20. What’s the best thing about the year 2020?: Recovered from cataract surgery
  21. What’s your favorite gift?: Little Red Wagon – He got it for Christmas when he was 6 years old
  22. How many years have you lived at Westhills?: 14
  23. What’s something you’d like to do this year?: Have fun with family and friends