Wait List Program

If you are thinking of a move to Westhills Village in the near or even the distant future, our Wait List Program provides you the opportunity to plan ahead for the particular floor plan and location you prefer.  Applicants are considered for admission in the order in which payment is received.  Once on the waiting list, applicants may decline a residence yet retain their position on the list.  When the Applicant(s) is offered and accepts a residence, the full balance of the current Residence Fee is due.

There is no minimum age requirement to be eligible for the waiting list; however, you (or in the case of a couple, both of you) must be 62 or older at date of residency.  To place your name on the waiting list, an Application for Residency and a 5% Application Fee are required. This Application Fee is 100% refundable at any time prior to move-in.

The Applicant understands that acceptance for residency is contingent upon the capability of the Applicant(s) to live independently and to meet financial criteria.

Within 90 days prior to occupancy, a Physician Information Form must be completed by a licensed physician, and each Applicant must be certified as being able to live independently and unassisted.