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Westhills Village Celebrating 40 Years

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The Warriors of Westhills Battled through the National Guard’s Mud Run on August 13

Team Westhills Warriors Battled through the National Guard’s Gut Check on August 13!  There were 12 residents and staff members who signed up for this 10K obstacle course mud run held on the National Guard grounds near Stevens High School.

There was sweat, blood, tears, AND fears faced as they challenged themselves to climb vertical walls, balanced on boards and round posts, swung across monkey bars, flipped over tires, crawled through the mud, carried 80 lbs. through the forest, and slid down the giant slip n’ slide into muddy water!

Teammates helped each other over and through the obstacles when needed; encouraged and beautifully coached when someone thought they couldn’t go on.  The Warriors of Westhills strived to do their best and left no man behind.  Everyone is gearing up for next year’s event so lace up those tennies and get your move on!

Westhills offers a great employee wellness program with opportunities to swim and work out in the on-site fitness center & pool, hiking opportunities, competitive events such as this 10K, and many more challenges.  Many wellness opportunities include employee & resident interaction which creates a family like atmosphere for everyone!