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Thanks a “Bundt” to Our Nurse Aides!

June 13-19, 2024 is the week we honor and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and commitment of our nursing assistants across our campuses of Westhills Village and Clarkson Health Care as part of the National Nursing Assistants’ Week.    Nursing assistants are critical to the healthcare system, performing all sorts of duties related to the decent, dignified care of our loved ones.  Although there are always challenges as a nursing assistant, our staff would tell you they find self-fulfillment in their careers and are grateful for the colorful tapestry of experiences they share with our residents and clients. We wish to show our appreciation to all of our nursing assistants for all of the incredibly important roles they play in our health care facilities, assisted living, and home health agency.  This year we recognized these extraordinary team members with individual bundt cakes!

We have the best Nurse Aides – no Ifs, Ands, or “Bundts” about it!

Bundt cake gift