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Westhills Village Celebrating 40 Years

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Employee Academic Assistance

We raised over $25,900 to support the Employee Academic Assistance Program!

In 2019, as we celebrated our 35th Anniversary, we offered additional fundraising opportunities for residents, Foundation Members, and community members to donate to our Employee Academic Assistance Fund.
The goal of our fund is to assist Westhills Village Employees in receiving additional training and education such as advanced nursing degrees, CNA certifications, or continuing education opportunities. We believe an educated workforce is an involved and excellent workforce – and we love the ways you helped invest in our employees last year. From our efforts over $25,000 was raised to benefit our employees.
Though we are now into our 36th year – we are still actively contributing to the Employee Academic Assistance Fund. You can give online, mail a check, or talk to someone in Reception or Marketing for more ways to be involved. Thank you for your support of Westhills Employee Academic Assistance Fund and our Employees!