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Danica Bruce, Deserving Recipient of health care Recognition

(SIOUX FALLS, SD, FEBRUARY 1, 2021) Danica Bruce has the ability to really listen, and to give a speaker the distinct impression that what they have to say matters. With all that is happening in our lives, with our frantic rushing, and with the many distractions that surround us, it’s a skill that is all too easy to let slip away. But when Danica talks to a resident, they know they are her sole concern.
Danica is a medication aide and CNA at Clarkson Health Center in Rapid City. Her compassion and flexibility have made her an important part of the Clarkson team, and asset for the center.

She has an unusual talent for recognizing where the needs of the center are on a given day and responding appropriately. She is willing to lend a hand in any department, and will adjust her own schedule to ensure the needs of residents are met.

But most often you might see her cherishing some time to sit and talk with a resident, and often to pray with them. You can see by the way she acts that she is passionate about providing care. She carries herself freely, openly, and with joy.

Congratulations Danica! You are a very deserving recipient of the February 2021 Millie E. Olson award!

The Millie E. Olson Award was created by the South Dakota Health Care Association (SDHCA) and named after its first recipient, Mildred E. Olson of Garretson, who was an exceptional caregiver. This award is open to staff of any SDHCA member center. Each month’s recipient of the Millie E. Olson Award becomes Eligible for the Millie E. Olson Award of the Year, which is announced each September at an awards ceremony during SDHCA’s Fall Convention