The Courtyard at Westhills

Brand-new, state-of-the-art Assisted Living on Westhills' Campus

Assisted Living at Westhills Village

Continuance of Care - It's the cutting edge philosophy to meet the growing need in the Rapid City market. Westhills Village has recently completed their expansion - The Courtyard Assisted Living.. just east of their main facility on Fifth and Texas streets. The new construction added 44 new assisted living apartments and underground parking. The Independent Living apartments, new Assisted Living rooms and healthcare or nursing home facilities are connected via a skyway.

Westhills CEO Daryl Reinicke says it's more than just new building. “It's about the novel services and amenities that meet the needs of seniors who want to age in place.… be with people they’re comfortable with … in a place they want to be.”

“We live in times where things are really changing in terms of senior care services and healthcare. Assisted living is really stepping up in the forefront of meeting that need. Here at Westhills Village we have an increased need for assisted living. One of the thing assisted living does is meet the need of healthcare in house in both at the same times at a lesser cost of say a skilled nursing facility where it’s all healthcare and much more expensive. Assisted living really fits the need and a niche of people as they age.”

One of concepts of Westhills is very proud of and one of the first in the state of SD and one of few yet today that does it is this continuity of care, this continuum of care all under one place under one roof. So as people have a need to transition into levels of care they’re not having to move across town. They stay in the same place and receive their care and services there. They’re around the people that they want to be around.”

Westhills opened approximately 34 years ago and it just continues to grow and meet the new kinds of needs that are out there. So this project truly falls in line with being on the leading edge of care and services. While this Assisted Living expansion is primarily for our current residents as their needs change – Westhills Village absolutely believes the Courtyard will set the standard for aging well in a continuum of care facility.

Jessica Spencer


Coordinating and administrating at The Courtyard of Westhills Village

"The leadership of Westhills Village is overwhelmingly proud to be opening a state-of-the-art Assisted Living facility on our campus, to serve our community, with continuance of care."

Daryl Reinicke, CEO

Evaluating a Move to Assisted Living

Westhills Village is a vibrant, exciting place to live. Residents thrive at every level of care, knowing that their various needs are provided at each step of the way.

Most residents readily recognize when it's time to make a move to Assisted Living. They see for themselves their increased difficulties in performing daily activities, grooming themselves, or making social contacts or decisions.

Please remember, our comprehensive continuum of care was a prime reason you chose Westhills Village. Do not hesitate to take full advantage of its many benefits.

Good Questions to Ask:

  • Am I able to move without difficulty?
    Am I stable, or do I have trouble with balance?
  • Do I eat a well-balanced diet?
  • Am I able to feed myself?
  • Am I alert and aware of my surroundings?
  • Do I feel comfortable making my own decisions?
  • Do I find myself needing increased help with nursing and medication management?
  • Can I dress and bathe myself and independently take care of my personal needs?
  • Do I feel mentally sharp?
  • Am I able to manage such general things as housekeeping and laundry?
  • Am I socially engaged or do I find myself withdrawing from my usual activities?