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At Westhills Village we believe each individual is multifaceted and composed of the mind, body, and spirit. Each individual has the right to live life to its fullest potential and the goal is to enable individuals to enjoy life as independently as they can for as long as they can. That is why we have implemented the Seven Dimensions of Wellness through our facilities. These seven dimensions include Physical Wellness, Social Wellness, Vocational Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Emotional Wellness, and Environmental Wellness. Below we will explain each dimension and how Westhills Village is incorporating it into the Life Enrichment Programs.
  • Physical Wellness

    Physical Wellness

    • Endurance, strength and flexibility
    • Body composition and diet
    • Sleep patterns
    We accomplish physical wellness through a safe, comfortable environment, physical activities and classes, and healthful meals.
  • Social Wellness

    Social Wellness

    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Fairness and justice
    • Tolerance
    • Concern for community welfare
    Social wellness is found through partnerships within our community, relationships with our peers, and quality social engagements throughout our community.
  • Intellectual Wellness

    Intellectual Wellness

    • Continuous acquisition of knowledge
    • Awareness of current events
    • Expression and experience of creativity
    We encourage intellectual wellness through book clubs, groups and activities, the use of our library, and a diverse community.
  • Environmental Wellness

    Environmental Wellness

    The Environmental Dimension recognizes the importance of respecting the environment and the species that live in it. Living in harmony with the earth and minimizing harm to the environment through daily habits including conserving energy, recycling, avoiding pollutants such as second hand smoke and other harmful fumes, and enjoy the outdoor environment. Westhills offers many ways to include Environmental wellness into your daily habits including:

    • Going Green Committee
    • Outdoor Excursions
    • Hike in the Hills
    • Armchair Traveler
    • Garden Committee
    • Half mile walking path surrounded by beautiful landscape and encourages wildlife to live amongst us.
  • Spiritual Wellness

    Spiritual Wellness

    The Spiritual Dimension recognizes our search for meaning and purpose in human existence. It includes a deep appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and natural forces that exist in the universe. While traveling this path you will experience a wide variety of emotions and your actions become more consistent with your beliefs. Westhills Village offers a variety of ways for you to expand including

    • Bible study groups
    • Church gatherings
    • Chair Yoga
    • Educational programs
  • Vocational Wellness

    Vocational Wellness

    The Vocational Dimension recognizes personal satisfaction and enrichment in one’s life through work or Volunteering. Traveling along this path you will contribute your unique gifts, skills and talents to others. Westhills offers a variety of ways to share your gifts with others through:

    • Committee Volunteering such as the Wellness Committee, Activities Committee, Pantry Committee, Going Green Committee, and so many more!
    • Visiting residents at Westhills South or Healthcare.
  • Emotional Wellness

    Emotional Wellness

    The Emotional Dimension recognizes awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings. Traveling through this path you will be able to identify your feelings and realize the importance if seeking and appreciating the support and assistance of others. Westhills offers groups a safe place to express and talk about individuals feeling through:

    • Caregivers Support Group
    • Parkinson’s Support Group
    • Grief Support
    • Educational material