A Letter from Daryl Reinicke

Date: April 21, 2020
To: Coworkers, WHV HC Residents, CHC Residents, Courtyard Residents, Apt/Villa Residents, Family Members/Responsible Parties

From: Daryl Reinicke, CEO; Westhills Department Managers; Clarkson Department Managers

We will continue to provide you updates & communication regarding current status of COVID-19 virus & planning. Like all of us, you’re getting a tremendous amount of information from a variety of sources; however, at our facilities, we get daily communication from agencies such as the Department of Health and the CDC and CMS. What is very important is that all of us understand how seriously we are taking the safety of each of you, our residents as well as ALL of our families. We have had an opportunity to visit with other facilities who have gone through or are currently going through treating COVID-19 patients, as well, which has been very valuable in numerous ways.

There have been enough facilities across the United States who have dealt with COVID-19 that they have put together checklists and protocols to follow to minimize and deal with COVID-19.

The short list of common denominators of facilities who have dealt with COVID-19 well are as follows:

  • Leadership team in place and ongoing preparation – at our facilities we meet daily and with all managers, at least once per week regarding updating of any new processes, protocols, planning, implementation, communication, etc.
  • Supplies of PPE available for use – we have a supply of face shields, N-95 masks, gloves, gowns, cleaning solutions, hand sanitizer, all in place. We continue to place orders to increase our inventory and have kits prepared and ready for use if needed.
  • Early onset processes in place to minimize the spread of COVID-19 within facilities – we have and continue to be on the leading edge of steps taken regarding residents, new admissions, staff members, visitors, use of PPE, etc
  • Active involvement and support of Medical Director and physicians – the Rapid City community has great support occurring with physicians and our Medical Director, Dr. Diamond, is helping lead the charge for us.
  • The ability of facilities to have the COVID-19 testing done – we do have the ability and have been testing as necessary.
  • Providing communication to residents, families and coworkers – we have been providing, at the minimum, weekly communication to all and more-so in our Independent Living area. We’ve also set up mass emailing and mass calling options, which we have tested with family members as well.

Again, we want to make sure you have an understanding and confidence in what is being done across all of our facilities to prevent, prepare and if needed, implement.

We have a 24-hour plan in place, as well as a long list of things that have been done behind the scenes for the “just in case” scenario.
Our emphasis today continues to be prevention. None of us know what the future holds for the Rapid City community or our facilities; but we do have the benefit of knowing that we are prepared and we will continue to actively manage the processes and protocols as necessary.

We are all in this together, with the focus of doing the right thing for everyone involved.

As always, thank you for your dedication, cooperation and understanding as we address COVID-19.